Member # 6453 asked.......where is the airport?

Something real funny about this, flying a Baron (that's a twin engine, quarter million dollar airplane) internationally, and having to use a message board for airport and flight planning information? Much better resources are available to a pilot than here. But I'll try.....

I pulled this off of

Belize - SAN PEDRO - Airport Details
Airport Code : SPR
Airport name : SAN PEDRO
Runway Length : 2575 ft.
Runway Elevation : 2 ft.

City : San Pedro
Country : Belize
Country Abbrev. : BZ
World Area Code : 106
GMT Offset : +6.0

Longitude : 87 58' 0" W
Latitude : 17 55' 0" N

Phillip Goldston International, designator BZE, is the only authorized point of entry for private planes. Aircraft must obtain permission 48 hours prior to arrival from the Civil Aviation Dept. Flight plan must be filed 24 hours prior to departure. Airspace is only open 6am to 6 pm.

Radio freqs, BZE
ground control 121.9, approach control 120.0, tower 188.0, VOR 114.3

These are the rules, and with the war on drugs I'd hesitate to break them, unless you have an inside connection.

Please, do your own flight planning and don't rely on my information above...good luck!