I think the gentlemans question has been pretty much answered. Even though some have given totally incorrect informantion about being able to clear customs in SP when flying privately to Belize.
Although I do not normaly feel a need to establish my credentials, I will preface my remarks by stating that I have flown private planes to Belize 49 times starting in 1976. I have flown barons to twin turbo props. I never attempted to find any info on flying from any message board. And it is my humble opinion that any pilot that does should probably check to be sure his license came from the FAA and not out of a cracker box.
If you do not know where to get the accurate information you are asking for, you should not be flying. Now if you are just trying to impress us that you fly planes then stick around and have some fun. :p

PS: I forgot to mention that when Piasano bought his first G-2 he wanted me to get type rated in it.

PPS: relying on getting accurate information from people on this message board about something as important as rules and regulations on flying is about as stupid as taking off in your plane without enough fuel to reach Belize hoping to find an in-flight fuel tanker on the way to fill up. laugh