smile bywarren...didn't mean to be sexist..just didn't think most men would care to read or respond to an attire post. Sooo glad you did cool I so much agree with you about the
restaurants going the extra yard to provide
the special ambience. We hope to eat most dinners
at those restaurants... except the Sunday bbq of course. We don't mind dressing up after a day of
T's and bathing suits, but just wondered How dressed up was exceptable without over doing it.
Sun dresses are great...especially after sunburn
(nothing touches the shoulders)...wrap skirts sounds like they'd work and perhaps white cropped pants and heels? Love heels but would they get stuck in the sandy roads? Husband has
several rayon Island print shirts and drawstring we should be stylin. Would sandals be
o.k. with his attire??
Sorry to be soooooo concerned about the appropriate attire...You see I am a "two bag" plus carry on girl. Always...always taking three
times more outfits then I ever wear! I would love to show my husband I can do one bag.???
Now don't laugh....!! are there irons in most
hotels?? I hear you laughing!! :rolleyes:
We're staying at BB?
Thanks so much for your time... :p