I believe that bywarren thinks that high heels have a place anywhere and worn with anything. After all, he freely admits to going around and looking at them in the stores. (wg) Sorry bywarren, couldn't resist.

In any event, I've seen some of those San Pedro gals tottering around on their heels . . . never funnier than when they are walking down the beach. No offence to anyone. I'm not talking about going to church, or into Belize City for something special.

Sorry, bywarren, but for tourists, it's just silly to take high heels, so that you can carry them until you get to the "fancy" restaurant and then have to take them off when you get to the club. (Which is dangerous by the way.)

Now there's something to worry about safety-wise. Barefoot in the bar, not a good plan.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?