toy4irma - Thanks for starting this. I am also a 2 suitcase person attempting to cut it down to one. One that's really big wink My husband and I will be staying at BB July 9 - 17. I know where you are coming from with the packing. I've been throwing stuff in my suitcase for 3 weeks and it evolves daily. We have also done the cruise circut and it's like you've been brainwashed into thinking you have to have all of these outfits and shoes to match. I just thank God we don't have to pack formal wear smile With the help of my friend, Windjammer, I'm getting realistic advice. But after laying out in the sun yesterday, I think my most important attire is going to be sunblock!!!!!!!!! Maybe we'll see you there and we can compare how many suitcases we wound up with :rolleyes:

Time flys - have fun!