HavinFun and Toy4irma: Trust all of us who have been there and done that. My first trip in March of this year, I packed a huge suit case with one and two outfits for each day. Overkill! I literally brought half of those clothes back untouched.

When I went in May, I packed a carry on. Still brought back clothes that were untouched.

Now, when I return in September, I know exactly what to bring and what not to bring.

I found myself in my beach attire all day and sometimes all night. Depending on how many Rum Punch or Belikins I drank.

In any event, you will find that you will overpack the first time and even the second time. Afterward, your suitcase will become much more lighter. And will have lots more room to add all those items you purchase while you are shopping.

I also like to get right off the plane and get to my destination. Not having to wait for the luggage return helps a ton. Thus, a carry on.

Just some words of wisdom from me and a whole lot more who have learned as we go.

Take care and have a wonderful time in paradise!!