toy4irma, trust me we are not cheating here. HavinFun is NOT taking any pointers/suggestions from me (even though I have offered). When she called me in MAY and said she had started packing for JULY, my response was, "You are joking, right?" Her answer was NO!

Your next statement was to make it fair you asked what I have packed. Please re-read my post which is NOTHING until the night before we leave. smile

What will I pack? Very little, mask, snorkel, fins, sunscreen, bug spray, bathing suits, tank tops, shorts, undies, nighties, flip flops, a couple of sun dresses/floozy dresses (I do have a reputation to uphold), & ZIPLOCKS. All in one neat carry on bag. laugh wink

It is totally laid back & casual Belize it or Not! This is my 4th trip & no jungle/mainland this time only the island. cool