I do have a bit of advice for you future brides. DO NOT GET A FACIAL THE WEEK OF YOUR WEDDING!!!!!! My esthetician was booked so I decided to get one in San Pedro.
I went to get a facial on Thursday( 2 days before my wedding, May 22,2004) at Personal Touch which was given by Delmay. The type of facial I recieved was called a Glycolic, an acid base the supposedly brings everything to the surface(which I didn't know until it was applied to my face). The appointment was made the day before and I made sure the they knew that I was getting married on Saturday. And I even asked about the facials. When I arrived, again to spoke to Dalmay and told her that I would be married in 2 days. She did not deter me in any way from getting this type of facial.Everything was going well until she applied the glycolic to my face. She told me that I may experience some slight itching, tingling or burning. And if I do to let her know. Delmay,put it on, asked if I was ok(which I was at the time) and left the room. For 5 minutes my face went through all three things she had warned me about, but to the extreme that I wanted to run out of the room and wash it off my face myself. As soon as she came back into the room, I told her what was happening. She asked if I could wait just a little bit longer. I said "yes". I was thinking ok I can hold out for another minute or two. Ten minutes later(after my arms and legs massage) she finally took it off. And boy was I relieved. Everything was fine until the next day, when I noticed bump formations on my face(which by the way weren't pimples I found out later on). Saturday, the day of my wedding, I noticed a little more. I was slightly concerned now, but I was assured that it wasn't anything make-up couldn't cover. Ok, no big deal, the wedding went beautifully and my face looked wonderfully;that's until I took off my make-up. Make-up came off, I screamed and hubby came running into the bathroom. The only thing he could say was, "Wow, your face didn't look like that this morning." We both just stood in the mirror in awe. Needless to say, each day, my face got worse and worse. For a woman who only has 1 or 2 pimples a month to a face full of white pustules, it was extremely devestating for me. Not to mention all of my guests(20), including the children were asking, "What happened to your face"? I have never broken out from a facial, so I didn't even think twice about not getting one 2 days before our wedding. We left San Pedro 3 days after the wedding and I as soon as I got home I called my esthetician for an emergency appointment for the next day. What she said horrified me and my face horrified her. She was extremely upset that lisenced person would even consider applying this type of treatment before a such a great event. Here is what I was told.
A glycolic is the worst type of facial to get before a wedding, especially 2 days before. That should have been told to me regardless of whether I knew anything about the facial. And any person who is lisenced would know this and would discourage this before a big event like a wedding. Because it does bring pimples to the surface. Secondly, what appeared(somewhat) to look like pimples were not. I actually had a bad reaction to the glycolic treatment because 1 of 3 or all things. 1. The glycolic was cheap 2. it was left on too long(2 minutes was the max it should have been left on )3. the strength was too strong.
There was not much she could do, but she did what she could. I was told it would take 1-2 weeks before my face would heal(hopefully). I was extremely upset for several reasons, one in particular was that we were leaving the following day to spend two weeks in Spain for our honeymoon. I spend the first 2 days of our honeymoon crying. So, I looked hideous for another 4 days before my face started to clear up.
Now, it looks like nothing even happened, thankfully. We travel around the world a lot and I've received many facials and never has this happened to me before. So again, AVOID THE GLYCOLIC, AVOID A FACIAL THE FIRST WEEK OF YOUR WEDDING(JUST IN CASE), AND IF YOU GO TO PERSONAL TOUCH IN SAN PEDRO ASK IF DELMAY AND OTHERS ARE LICENSED.