We just returned from our annual trip to Hilton Head. At this time of year you have a 50/50 chance of coming in contact with some kind of stinging nettle. We didn't need the Safe Sea in AC this summer so we had a couple bottles, then I ordered more on-line (drugstore.com) for the extended family (4 adults & 2 kid - thankfully staying elsewhere laugh ). Anyway, we all used it. No stings whatsoever. Mom-in-law actually saw a jelly float across her wrist...no sting!

We gave a bottle to our favorite lifeguard. She had heard of Safe Sea, but never seen it. That evening the guards had sea trials including a long swim way out into the ocean. Well, next day we got the report. She was the only guard who didn't get stung.

Of course, if Safe Sea becomes popular, we won't be able to watch the Jellyfish Dance anymore. Folks won't be jumping around like banshees in the water when they get stung... :rolleyes:

Note: Meat tenderizer is good for application immediately after sting. The lifeguards at HH keep a mixture of vinegar and water on hand in spray bottles for after sting.

Peter cool