Mike: what an account...I'm a teacher who
comes to Belize at least once a year..I own
some lots there and love that country...I
started a Pen Pal exchange with Andrea O'Brien and her class...I still haven't heard
if she and Santos are OK. Also Alexandra
Nicholson...My dear friend Lindsay Hackson,
Belizean Arts, lost her house in Tres Cocos
I heard...was it so unexpected that no one
left the island this time???? I'm curious
because Lindsay always leaves???? Thank you
for sharing your story which I will share
with my students tomorrow morning...Let
me know if you hear anything about the above
people and oh yes, Carlos Villatoro and wife
Vicki and son (acupunture and massage across
from Fido's) Take care,God be with you all!
[email protected]