We had good intentions to go to Caye Caulker. We asked VH the times that the water taxi left San Pedro and had planned for a 9:00 a.m. departure. We packed our snorkeling gear and suntan lotion and were ready to leave VH at 7:30 a.m.

We went into town a little early to have breakfast at Estel's. There were only a couple of people there and they were all sitting at what looking like a dining room table that would be in your home. The floors are sand and there are plastic tables and chairs indoors and outdoors. We were greeted at the door and told to choose a seat wherever we pleased. We decided to eat outside so that we could see the water. Apparently, Estel was still asleep because it took about 20 minutes for her to come take our order. We were starting to panic and worry that we might miss the water taxi. When we ordered, Estel guaranteed that we would be out of there in plenty of time to get to the dock. Within minutes, we had our food. The breakfast burrito was fabulous and worth the wait.

I know that everyone on the board says to leave your watch at home, but we had to have it. We did not want have any problems with missing the taxi. We rushed over to the dock, which was nearby Estel's, ran to purchase our tickets to Caye Caulker, and waited for the taxi. We waited and waited and no water taxi. My husband inquired at the ticket counter as to the delay, but was informed that the next water taxi was at 10 a.m. We were confused, but decided that we would forego Caye Caulker and use the tickets later in the week. We specifically decided that we would try again on Friday, June 18th.

We returned to VH and did our usual routine. We went straight to the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary. These are the best ever - even better than New Orleans. (I know that I keep referencing New Orleans. We are originally from there and miss a few things.) The Bloody Mary is made from scratch. They squeeze all there juices and concoct a tomato mixture that could be sold all over the world. It's really hard to remember who all was working, but we had already made friends with all of the bartenders and waiters. I'm sure that Tony, Stone, Enrique, and Lelo were there, but all of our drinks were made to perfection regardless who made them.

I had started The DaVinci Code on the plane to Belize. I was determined that I would finish it. We laid out at the pool until I read every single page. I needed consoling afterwards so my husband made sure to keep the drinks in my hand!

We weren't sure where we would dine that evening until we received a message from a couple that we met during our stay at BB. They were not boarders. (Oh, I forgot to let you know that VH does not have telephones, clocks, or TVs.) Ed and Sara invited us to go to dinner at Taste of Thailand.

We walked into the restaurant and felt like we knew everyone in there. The owners of VH were there, another couple from VH was there, Pedro1 and Chris were there, and that pretty much filled up the restaurant. We immediately recognized Pedro1 and we went to introduce ourselves. We talked for a few minutes and my husband decided to take a photo of me and Pedro1. Not to our surprise, he tried to grab my boobs! The picture is priceless because I am trying to say "no", laugh, and smile all at the same time and he is just being himself.

Dinner was awesome. We shared four different dishes and several appetizers and I think we would all agree that the snapper dish was the best. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it was lightly fried and had a great, hot sauce on it. A little too hot for me, but everyone else loved it.

After dinner, we headed to Crazy Canuck's to hear the Punta Boys. We arrived a little late (well, in our book, 10:30 is late) and the crowd was already having a good time. I even danced with the Punta Boys. Not sure which one because I never got their names. It is really interesting everything that is at the restaurants and bars. Locals, tourists, dogs, racoons. Nothing is forbidden. After all the food and wine at dinner, we hardly had room for another drink. We were champs though and succeeded at least for another 30 minutes. Yes, we left a happening establishment to go home to bed at 11:15. That was okay because we knew that we were meeting a lot of boarders the next day at Fido's. Certainly, we would need to rest up.