Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce continues to be in high demand in the United States. Owner, Marie Sharp is back in the country after visiting the US to finalize agreements with one of the major supermarkets and other stores where her products will be sold. Love News Centre spoke with her to find out more about this venture.
"In my mind I was saying if they give me 50 stores I am happy cause you know what Wal Mart is, it is a giant name of over 3000 store in the US alone so I said if they started with 50 store I would be very happy. When we went to the states we sat down and spoke to the buyer and Wal Mart itself and we were told that we were going to be given the entire South Eastern US which comprises of 345 stores and that was beyond my expectation and actually I could almost feel myself trembling under the table because that is a big chunk for me as I am a small producer. So we started working on that we will get into the Wal Mart store by mid September and they are giving us 345 stores we are started negotiating towards that; I was very happy about that and then I went up this week to sign the contract only to be told that I have 600 public stores, public supermarket. I still can’t even begin to put it together in my head this is going to represent a very big jump for Mari Sharp, a switch they are going now from being a company that were just about holding up their nose out of the water to now because of the mass production that I am going to do now. One of the things that has always kept us back was true put you need true put to make you really make money, we haven’t had true put, we have been operating just barely sitting afloat."
In addition to supplying Wal-Mart Stores and Public’s Supermarkets, Marie Sharp Fine Foods will also be sold in 53 Windixies Supermarkets also in the United States.