Ciguatera is not considered to be problem in the waters of Belize. All of the fish normally considered to be a risk for ciguatera, barracuda, jacks, snapper, grouper, etc. are commonly eaten in Belize. This is not to say there cannot be an isolated instance, but for the most part there is very little cause for concern.

PS: just in case some of you don't know what we are talking about: Ciguatera results from the eating of reef fish affected with ciguatoxin. Ciguatoxin originates from a dinoflagellate name Gambierdiscus toxicus which colonizes coral beds. The toxin first affects the coral-grazing fish and is then passed up and through the food chain to the piscivorous fish (i.e., snapper, grouper, amberjack, barracuda) and finally to man. The toxin is not affected by either cooking or freezing, and the affected fish, cooked or raw, is not tainted by bacteria in any way. Typically, the victim states, "It was the best fish I ever tasted."