Jenn, thanks for the excuse to return...will file that one away for future use. I'm glad you enjoyed them & that they will help the hubby but please...don't take 'em with ya! Don't waste time reading reports while you are there...make the most of every minute you have. Go make many memories of your own...then come back & share with us that wishing we were there.

CaptJeff, thanks for the kind words. Writing about something one loves is easy...leaving was hard. I envy your once a month trips, though. I'll make it back to "live the dream" 'cause I am soooo hooked!

seashell, Reef Ransom's journal is an excellent read. Thanks to his writing I knew much of what to expect of the island. Frequent power outage, storms, etc. I wasn't disappointed.

denverdan, glad you enjoyed it. The island does steal the heart. When do I return? A little thing called a job will play a large part in that...guess when they tell me I can have a vacation. Up to me, I'd leave today!