Just to clarify Playa blanca

Playa Blanca is a large area with several different private homes and residential lots Playa Blanca island Villa is a rental home and my place Playa Blanca Beach Club is the only resort in the Playa Blanca area and has our dive operation onsite.

We are located 10 minutes North of town by boat and water ferry service is provided by siland ferry every 2 hours into town and back we also run our own service for our guests and ensure that any of our guests can make the short 10-15 minute boat ride into town when they wish in addition our boat is on your timing and you can eat dinner party or whatever and come back when YOU want to without being on someone elses schedule.

Staying at Playa Blanca Beach Club we focus primarily on DIVING and operate only 2 diveboats and take only 6-8 divers per boat we dive without time contraints so you get the best sites long bottom times and uncrowded boats and personal dive service.
At PBDBC you also get peace tranquility and you quickly become part of our familly we are small provide personal service did i say peace and tranquility :-) but within easy access to town when you want hell they even rent golf carts up here now.

There are 4 restaurants within walking distance and 2 more that are 1 minute by boat

If your looking to be in town every night partying though North is not for you better choice would be in town.