i have recieve numerous emails from people wanting to know exactly what is going on in san pedro now. here's what i know:

the front side of the island isn't looking too bad - just lots of turtle grass and debris and fallen palm trees. nearly all the homes on the front side did ok besides a little water on the floor.

middle and front street were cleaned up VERY quickly and they now have electricity.

lots of supplies have been comming to the island by plane and by boat. the town council building is the headquarters where they are distributing free food, water and clothing for those that need it. water is being passed around the town freely and is plentiful. most of the grocery stores have recieved plenty of dry goods. i heard that fido's was going to open up their kitchen to feed the hungry (fido's survived very well).

the general spirit of the town was remarkably high. i must comment the people of san pedro - even though many of them lost everything they had they still held their heads up and quickly got to work on rebuilding the community. while there are a few looters around, the general feeling of the town was very warm - everyone was helping everyone else.

overall, those that really need help are getting it. most people seemed to be in good cheer. the children are acting like nothing ever happened - they're all still out playing in the sand and having a blast.

there is a free clinic set up at the sunbreeze hotel. here people can go to get checked up and to get any shots they might need. they are concerned about the spread of some diseases because of poor sanitation and all the garbage everywhere.

british and american soldiers have set up base at the Alijua hotel and are working hard everyday all over the island

there is a nation wide 8:00pm curfew being enforced by the soldiers. in san pedro if you are caught out passed the curfew you are forced to help out with the beach cleanup.

i have heard a report that the reef survived very well. apparently on dive boat went out after the hurricane to check it out.

last i heard the death toll was at 13 and still looking for one or two more bodies. most of those people were on boats though not on the island. the US coast guard planes are out flying everyday looking for them.

all in all, i think that the island is going to be ok. there's a lot of work to be done, but with the good will and determination of the people of san pedro, along with all the help they are getting, everything is gonna be ok.

thanks for all the concern and support everyone.

mike [Linked Image]