Hi everyone -

My group of five is getting ready for our first trip to Belize in November. We're looking at two very good air/hotel packages from travel agencies. The choice is now between Tradewinds Paradise Villas and the Villas at Banyan Bay.

They are both for 2-bedroom condos, and the Banyan Bay quote is $100 more per person. I know Banyan Bay is a high-end resort and probably worth the extra money. However, one in our group is concerned that Banyan Bay will be TOO high-end for us. We are a laid back group - one artist, one small business owner, three that work for nonprofits/public interest - a Tevas and Birkenstocks kind of crowd. My friend grew up with money in the country club crowd and does not want to stay at a resort where he'll feel like he needs to have a polo shirt on all the time... those are his words, not mine :-)

Is this a concern? I tried to reassure him that San Pedro is a very laid back place no matter where you stay, but I don't want him to be uncomfortable. I like the idea of having more room at Banyan Bay, and a veranda (the Paradise condo is an upstairs unit and has no veranda), but Paradise looks like a fine condo complex as well.

Any input? Thanks!

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