Have you tried a search for those names through the "search" link just above and to the right of your message? This will bring up a list of links to any messages that may have been posted regarding them already.

You might also want to visit http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/minikitty/missing.html which contains a list of missing and found people thanks to "Kathy in Canada" who is working triple-time to keep it up to date.

I hope you find the information you are seeking and soon!

Some other sites you may want to see are the thread "CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE SAN PEDRO & CAYE CAULKER TOWN COUNCIL RELIEF FUND " at //ambergriscaye.com/message/Forum2/HTML/001695.html and

"Have you or your friends been to Belize?" at //ambergriscaye.com/message/Forum2/HTML/001846.html the sites:

"Belize Emergency Net" at http://www.belizeemergency.net/

"Hurricane Keith Relief" at //www.ambergriscaye.com/towncouncil/keith.html

"Caye Caulker Village Council Relief Fund" at http://cayecaulker.org/donations/