Now, I'm insulting. What happened to Pedro 1 and bywarren ? Yesterday they were insulting .... well, Pedro is insulting everyday. O.K., if I offended Lmateo (which, by the way he didn't say so) I'm sorry. He did not say if he was talking about "retail" prices in the states or "duty free" shops in the states.There is a big difference in the two as we all know. Duty free prices in Belize are not much different than duty free anywhere in the world. I have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, crossed both poles, been to two goat ropings and a county fair. Duty free prices are about the same in Hong Kong as Oslo. Now, I don't quite understand the attact on me from Scubarat. I have said nothing to you or about you. I never even heard of you before today. Just what is your agenda ? If you wish to start a pissing contest go some where else, I'm too busy enjoying my life to spend one moment in a board debate with some jerk from New York.

Gun Control is Hitting Your Target.