Guest story-teller, Leah Ann Alcazar, visiting for the first time from Fresno, CA, is sharing her time with the library to read stories to the younger children. Serendipity brought her here. While looking for an alternate vacation destination, she happened upon the web site. Marty had recently posted letters about the library's membership drive and Leah Ann saw it and responded. She and her husband, Victor, brought children's books in Spanish and a generous supply of pencils, pens, papers, colored markers and more to support the library's arts and crafts programs. And, most welcome, a power cord and cartridges for the printer. Wow.
We were doubly lucky when another traveler responded to this bulletin board. Cathy and Carl Dunst of Ashville, NC also brought writing supplies, office supplies, colored paper and a fantastic collection of children's books. Carl is associated with the Orleana Hawks Puckett Institute, who's focus is working with children and families. We are very grateful to these four people who have been so generous to the community of San Pedro.
Our gratitude extends to many others, also. Roger and Susan Glaze, of Xanadu, contributed a lap-top computer (which was very timely, because the old one died). Inga Brereton donated cash as well as giving of her time on the committee. Patron contributions were received from Ramon's Village, Caye International Bank and The Orleana Hawks Puckett Institute
Thank you all for your interest and generosity.