sorry but i have to jump in here in defence of jetskis...don't own one anymore...traded it in for a fishing boat...

but when i met my husband a few years ago, he was an avid jetskier and made a convert of me by taking me on several trips on lake ontario. we cruised the thousand islands area for several days two years in a row and made numerous shorter trips along the south shore of lake ontario. it was a truly wonderful way to experience the water...stopping in small bays and shallow lagoons or riding out deep and feeling the wind and sun on glorious summer days.

i think the problem most people have with jetskis is the riders! idiot "cowboy" antics with no regard to distance from shore or other water regulations gives the craft a bad name. but it's just another watercraft and the newer ones especially with fourstroke engines and "green" technology, are far less noisy and polluting than many other boats out on the water these days.

i'm most annoyed these days by the proliferation of those huge "cigar" speedboats that can be heard with deafening clarity even several miles offshore where we live...many of them create giant wakes in our small bay and almost knock you out of a lawn chair when they whiz by. luckily the cost of gas keeps many of them anchored in shallow water for hours partying.

give the jetskiers a break...criticize the way some people use them...that's fair game...but they can be a wonderful and responsible way to cruise any waterway...and i can certainly understand the appeal in tropical waters.

an ex-jetskier