...just want to quickly chime in here, as both a resident of AC and one of the few jetski owners here. Mikell brings up a lot of dead-on points, the main one being that it really boils down to the owner/operator. Yes, the jet ski "rental " market unfortunately caters to the idiot/cowboy (or cowgirl) crowd ...but so does (in similar ways) the golf cart rental market (ever wake up at midnight to find a bunch of 16 year olds doing doughnuts in your yard in a gas powered cart? Uh, we have.) In short, people can find a way to be an idiot on most ANYTHING. Thankfully, I doubt there will EVER be another jet ski rental business on AC as, if nothing else, it's a horrible return on investment. When you rent something to someone (car, cart, jet ski, whatever) it's abused... few people treat a rental as "their own" ...in the best of situations maintaining a jet ski is a lot of work... in a rental situation it's a nightmare.

The jet ski we own is a new low emissions 4-stroke... it's exponentially quieter and cleaner than the 23' boat we have with a 2 stroke outboard. It also is (as mentioned above) an incredible way to experience the water (EX: I had the pleasure a month ago to be riding it on the backside of AC, south of Swab Caye, when I came across a pod of 6 dolphins, 5 adults and one young... they allowed me to mingle about with them for 1/2 an hour, within arms reach, as I quietly idled along on the jet ski.)

RE: klcman "Honda has a model out soon, if not already, capable of reaching 80+MPH, how wacked is that?" Well, again, it comes down to the operator... I mean you can buy pick up truck in the states that rolls off the showroom floor packing 500hp... how wacked is that? (cool, but wacked.) I HAVE gone VERY fast on the jet ski we own... however, I know WHERE, WHEN and HOW to ride it that way. If an inexperienced friend is riding it, we have them use the key with a built in governor that limits how fast they can ride. As with ANY activity, it's all about knowing your limits and your level of experience.

That's all... it's Sunday and I have to go, uh... tinker (yet again) w/ a ailing jet ski.