We are excited about our upcoming journey to AC, as the locals call it, but one of the things we want to do is kyak out to the reef to snorkel. We have looked back over so many of the posts, going back at least 2 years, that our eyes our spinning. We have picked up so much good info that my wife Bonnie has started a file. It's already an inch thick! All of the info on kyaking just leads us in circles. Some say its great, others warn of being killed by boats, others of the tremendous effort it takes to paddle out to the reef and so when you finally arrive you are so exhausted you would drown if you tried snorkeling! So is that kyaking expert out there, who can give us the lowdown on kayaking on Ambergris Caye. Thanks for any and all information you have to impart!
We will be arriving February 15th and are fortunate enough [ we are self employed] to be able to stay for a whole month. We are very excited, as I'm sure you can tell. Only four plus months to go! Thanks again, Moss & Bonnie