Tommy & Carol, Thanks for the information. We have actually found a almost perfect spot at Laguana Gardens. This is the kicker, Roberto from Hotel del Rio, next door to Caye Casa, when he couldn't rent us his Casa Azul for $1000.00 for a month, went to the trouble of finding out about the Laguana Gardens and e-mailing us the info. What a super guy! I can see now what people keep refering to the laid back, nonstressful attitude the San Pedro folks have. It is so refreshing in these stressful turbulent times. We will definitely be looking to meet this generous man. We have gotten nothing, but positive feedback from all of our inquiries into lodging. Thanks to all you posters on the board. As we have 3 months before our trip to paradise, I'm sure we'll be getting to know all of you better. Right now I'm looking out the living room window at our first snowfall here in Nelson, BC and actually am looking forward to a short winter 3 months, instead of the usual 6 months! See you all before long. Moss & Bonnie