Sorry Pedro2 . . .if you weren't up so late, I'd probably have edited my post by now. smile

In any event, I'm not in favor of resort courses, or of people that try to fast track scuba training in any way. So my first reading of Hip2's post, set me off.

Seems to me that if people want to dive, they should want to learn how to do it right and safely. . .I called on Roni, thinking that Protech felt the same way about such things. Sure, a referral is not quite so bad, but for someone to say that they don't have time . . .(to learn to dive), well, heck. I'm a worrier, what else can I say?

(By the way, did Roni hope to go on the Flower Gardens trip after DEMA?)

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?