Seashell - I just wrote you a long reply, then hit the wrong button and lost it! In brief, then, I think you're misinterpreting Hip2's post - as I see it, (s)he doesn't have time at home to do a referral course before coming down to Belize. He (may be she, but I can't write he/she all the time) isn't saying he won't have time once here. I have another student at present who is doing what I suggested.

Roni and I opened the center (I'd rather it isn't named, as I'm not trying to advertise here) with the intention of meeting the highest standards found in the industry, and even going beyond them at times. You may know Roni was appointed to the IANTD Board of Advisors, which both recognises his devotion to high standards of diving and provides a means for developing those standards. We didn't open it primarily as a way of making money, though that obviously has to happen as well.

Roni is staying on after DEMA for a while, though I don't know if he has the Flower Gardens in mind. He may just want a rest, as he's had a long stint recently with a lot of pressure.