My family, the Carpenters, flew out of SP yesterday and are here in FL for 2 weeks. Bottled water is plentiful; crates and crates were stacked on the pier yesterday. We were buying it at the store but don't know if it was still being given away. Relief supplies (food) were plentiful, thanks to USAID and DIF (Mexico). This food was being distributed from trucks driving around. Plywood and zinc were coming in on barges and seemed to be going out pretty quickly. There were still lots and lots of people/families in the shelter at the primary school. It would seem that very soon tents should be set up for them and organization established, but it didn't seem clear that ayone was in charge there. A least that's what we were told by friends who were staying there. No shelter warden, no one keeping order. Electricity was being re-established but was only on Front St. and intermittent at that. Phone service will be awhile as BEL and Maritime Electric have their hands full, cutting away the tangle of lines, replacing poles and lines, taking down transformers and putting up new ones. Hats off to them as they have quite a challenge in front of them. We thank all of you who were praying for all of us. We still have no news about our boat/home, Messenger, but we are all safe and sound.