Lunch -
A couple of doors down from you is Banana Beach.
Their restaurant is El Divino and they have hamburgers there that are the size of a dinner plate and they are awesome!
Hammock House, on the other side of the cut by the ferry - fun bar - awesome wraps. Wonderful people.
Mango's - small but good. Fun when Barefoot Skinny play there.

Casa Picaso , in town - The Lasagne should win a prize. They have great drinks and an intimate atmosphere. Wonderful people.
Blue Water Grill, in town - awesome food & drinks. Wonderful people.
Elvi's, in town - awesome. Try something Mayan.

Drinks -
Caribe Island's Bar, south of you about 3/4 mile - Bailey's Colata is sinful!!!!!!

Time flys - have fun!