My fiancee and I are scheduled to visit Belize in April 2005. We'll be there for 8days/7nights and plan to get married (no big wedding, just the two of us).

We currently have reservations at Captain Morgan's ($400 deposit), but after discovering this forum as well as the BelizeForum, we're wondering if we shoudl've booked our stay at the Victoria House (VH) instead.

We would like our room to be on the beach, which is what we were told we have reserved at Captain Morgan's (CM). When I read some of Lan Sluder's posts I really got the feeling that VH is superior to CM.

So... I started looking at VH's website and saw that their "Rainforest Suite" is right on the beach, like we want. Problem is, it is booked solid throughout April. The only rooms available are the Plantation rooms or a "Casita". I didn't get the impression that either of these is on the beach. Does anyone know how either of these two rooms would compare to the cabana's at CM?

Another thing I liked about VH, is that their packages include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Also being able to bicycle into town in 10minutes is nice.

Can Lan Sluder or anyone else who is familiar with both these resorts help "sway" us to one or the other...? By the way, we're also at risk of losing our $400 deposit at CM, if we cancel. This is not a huge deal, but makes us slightly more likely to keep our plans to stay at CM.

Bottom line, we only plan to get married once in our lives and we'd like this to be a wonderful experience, leaving us to no regrets! Any advice/comments would be appreciated!

P.S. - I also posted this at BelizeForum but it seems like the ambergriscaye forum has more activity so I'm posting here as well. Sorry for thsoe of you who visit both sites and may have already read this...