I honestly cannot believe how incredible all you people are. Seriously, I have never witnessed so many good things. . . ever! I have been watching this message board for days. At first, when the hurricane hit, I was freaking out wondering if my boyfriend was okay (a San Pedrano). As the days passed and I knew he was alright, I still read the message board. This is the first thing I come to every night when I walk in the door. I close the door and turn on the computer. This has been my link to this ideal world that I wish existed everywhere. Everyone is so beautiful and soooo giving, no strings attached. Sometimes it takes a disaster like this to help awaken people to their true nature. I know that I have gained a new appreciation for life, and I haven't even gotten to San Pedro (or any of the affected area for that matter)!!! I thank God that so many people are alive and well. May the ones who were lost be remembered and may their families find peace. I thank all of you again for continually checking in and adding your spirit to this message board. Marty has definitely been the glue that has bound us all together. The appreciation for our "cap'n" was well demonstrated in Andrea's poem and everyone else's thank yous. I know that I will continue to walk in the door every night, and click on the computer to see what new messages await opening. I look forward to joining the island in November. I decided about two months ago that San Pedro was going to be my new home. I know now, more than ever, how wonderful it is going to be to have such unconditional people around me, all the time.