Almost all the airlines include the $35 departure tax now. USAir is the only one I am aware of that does not. If the taxes add up to about $80 or $90 or more, it is included (unless they have a lot of extra stops on the flights). If they add up to $60 or so, it is not included. The $35 BZ dept tax also breaks down into a few different taxes with code letters, one of which is the "FU" tax (really!) If you see that with a dollar amount before it, it is most likely included.

Should look something like this (with BZ dept tax included):
XT 27.40US 5.00YC 7.00XY 3.10XA
7.50AY 15.00FV 1.30FW 3.80FU
15.00BU 4.50XF