Hey everyone...long time lurker first time poster....

I've checked the archives for info on good places for kids, but I thought I'd throw it out there again. We have three little kids (5, 3 & 1) and want to find a place that has a good beach (they're beach-crazy) and is prepared for children. Honeymooner-type spots might not be a good fit.

I think a kitchen is pretty necessary. I've seen stuff online at Caribbean Villas, Victoria House and Banyan Bay that look pretty good, but pictures don't always tell the whole story. The penthouse at Playa Blanca on the North side looks large and comfortable too and might be in the running if my sister and her little ones come along. Does anyone have any impressions about any of these being a good fit?

A place with a pool would be cool, and I think a place with a restaurant that serves or includes breakfast would really save us a ton of trouble.
Also, how useful is it to be closer to town? I'm sure we'll need to stock up on milk and juice and snack foods when we're there, and I guess we'd probably make lunches and maybe try to cook about half the nights. I'd prefer to eat out but it's not always fun or practical to drag three little kids out to eat, at least here at home anyway.