The tonic is a Coke brand, Fanta. It's just fine, but has a very pronounced pinkish color. Usually, but not always, to make it even more interesting. A bit unnerving back in the 90's when we first encountered it. Be sure to wipe off the bottle top once the cap is removed. The bottle caps in BZ tend to rust significantly and quickly, i.e. salt air.

If it is gin and tonic yer after, DO NOT be tempted to save a few bucks and buy the locally produced gin. It is, without a doubt, the very worst distilled spirit known to humankind. As some might attest, I'm not known to be choosy when it comes to clear distilled spirits, but trust me---the gin is beyond description.

The locally produced vodka, on the other hand, can do if one is REALLY desperate. However a pass through a coffee filter is highly recommended since that will remove the rather interesting particulates that float in the bottle, and therefore eliminating an unwanted visual effect.

Bombs away.