Office of the Prime Minister

Over A Million Dollars For Hurricane Relief

Belmopan - 10 October, 2000.
The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)) has received over a million dollars in international donations and pledges to help with the humanitarian and rebuilding effort, following Hurricane Keith.

Latest estimates put the damage at BZE$503.6 Million and this figure is expected to increase further.

Among the major contributors are:
Canadian Government $66,000
Republic of China $20,000
Italy $160,000
Norwegian Government $60,000
US Office of Disaster Assistance $50,000
CDB Through CDERA $200,000
IDB $100,000
OAS $40,000

Accounts have been set up at commercial banks in Belize where persons can make pledges to help victims of Keith.

Contributions to the Hurricane Keith Disaster Relief Fund can be made to any of the following Bank Accounts:
Belize Bank - Account Number 5056169
Bank of Nova Scotia - Account Number 11853
Barclays Bank - Account Number 733682507
Atlantic Bank - Account Number 100107340