I like your initiative travelqueen but unfortunately I am taking the MCAT April 16th so coming a few days earlier might be a problem. I'm already getting on a plane as soon as I can afterwards and am looking forward to that Margarita on the beach! Sorry I'll miss you.

JFabes- great that you'll be there. Is it your first time?

Thanks for the advice ke- are the clubs only open on the weekends? I'm not picky between the bars or clubs (especially since I have never been there) so as long as people are out every night I'll be happy.

Also- any advice on a dive trip. I'm debating between the Blue Hole or just a local trip (which would leave beach time) for the day before my friend arrives. From what I have heard the Blue Hole is quite a trip...so is it really a MUST SEE?

Simon B- As long as you used to be in your 20's! no age discrimination from me!