Plz don't send me any hate mail for posting this...

I was planning on going to Caye Caulker next month. The following is an excerpt I just received from the hotel I was planning on staying at (Sea View Hotel)....sorry.... I hoped it would be better for everyone there and that us tourists would still be able to experience the beauty of this caye...she did advise going elsewhere in the country...just not to Caye Caulker....

Dear Karen,

I just got a phone call from my husband Fred from the island. He got there okay, our house and the cottage are still standing, but the rest of the island is a mess. Fred asked me to cancel all reservations for October and November, if we are lucky, we can start in December with tourist season
again. There are no tourists allowed on the island right now as there is no
power, no water because all the wells are polluted, no phoenes except 4
emergency lines, no food supplies and no regular transport except first aid
goods, food and building material. The whole island looks like a war zone and it would not be a pleasure to spend vaccations there.