Belizean Selected For International Expedition To The Himalayas!

Greetings from Dr. Brown!

This letter serves to inform you of the tremendous honor recently bestowed on a Belizean citizen, Mr. Walter Santos, of Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize, Central America.

Mr. Santos, one of over 100 applicants, has been selected as one of 15 medical and rescue team members to accompany a National Geographic – NASA – National Science Foundation - University of Nebraska expedition to the Himalayan mountain K-2, the second highest and most dangerous mountain in the world!

This expedition will be conducted from June 10th – August 10th, 2005. We will provide medical support for the science research expedition, conduct a comprehensive survey of the health and sanitation needs of remote villages in the area of the mountain 9very similar to remote villages in Belize), and provide a base camp medical clinic for those attempting to climb K-2. After flying to Pakistan it takes approximately 15 days to walk to the base camp area. The base camp altitude is 17,500 feet and temperatures during the summer can drop as low as 15-20 °F.

Mr. Santos was chosen due to his years of proven service to Belize in his capacity as an Emergency Medical Technician and Technical Rescue Specialist with the Belize Search, Rescue, and Disaster Response Team. His leadership and skills have directly contributed to the success of the Team’s response to hurricanes Keith & Iris, as well as many local and regional rescues. Mr. Santos will be a significant asset to the expedition.

This is the first time a Belizean has been selected for a world-class international expedition of this importance as well as the first time a Belizean has traveled in the K-2 region. This is entirely comparable to a Belizean being selected to participate on an Olympic team or the most elite of military units. It is an honor well earned.

Mr. Santos will return to Belize after the expedition and use his new experiences both in his medical and rescue duties as well as speaking to youth and community groups throughout the country about his adventures. He will serve as a role model for Belize and Belizeans, inspiring then with who they are what they can become through education, hard work, and the will to succeed!

In order to accomplish this service opportunity of a lifetime, Mr. Santos will need to purchase personal equipment and supplies for his use. This will require approximately US$3500-5000. His airfare has already been donated by Mr. Ian Anderson & Caves Branch Jungle Lodge - $2500! Now Mr. Santos needs additional assistance with either the direct purchase of his gear or donations to help him purchase what he needs.

Please, help Belize by helping Mr. Santos with his fundraising. Everything you donate will be of great help. We will be taking a Belize flag with us to K-2 and will photograph it on the mountain. All who donate will receive a color photograph of Mr. Santos at the 17,500’ Base Camp with the flag, signed by him, when we return!

For those of you with a business or organization you would like to promote will also take a lightweight sign from you with us and photograph that at Base Camp as well! What a tremendous opportunity for you to gain a unique advertising photograph for your business or organization!

Please donate now to show Belize & the world what the people of Belize are capable of!

Mr. Santos will need specialized equipment for use in the cold high altitude. We will be purchasing that in the United States. You may donate via credit card or wire transfer over the Internet by going to and donating to PayPal account [email protected]

Or you may mail donations to either myself in the US or to Mr. Santos in Belize:

Dr. Keith Brown

2505 Crown Road

Norfolk, NE 68701 USA

Mr. Walter Santos

8 Guadeloupe Street

Belmopan City, Belize, CA

Please contact me directly at [email protected] if I can answer questions, assist you in developing an advertising campaign around your donation, or be of service.


Dr. Keith Brown FAAFP (US), FRSTMH (UK)

Medical Director, Belize Institute for Tropical & Wilderness Medicine

Medical Director, Belize National Search, Rescue, & Disaster Response Team