Some info today that someone/group is trying to assemble a sizeable load of
equipment including large generators for movement to Belize. The load will probably be assembled in Houston and then the Louisiana Air National Guard will be asked
to provide the lift to Belize. Word right now is that they will comply with
the request, remember Belize is a partner with Louisiana. No word right now
on timing. Thought is, the load would be brought in by C-130 to main airport.
I noted the significant problems of then transhipment to the islands and
suggested that maybe smaller loads on lighter planes could drop in directly
to SP. I know we had some DeHaviland cargo planes that were used in V'nam
that had big lift ability and short take-off runs.
Don't recall the model, but they must have some, but those are their shots to

An interesting point that came up - as they also gave me their latest updates
on the situation on N. Belize and the Islands, they are getting their most
current info from Marty's Message Board. I think it goes without saying that
when a foreign govt agency is relying on Marty for up-to-date info on the
situation, that Marty deserves a lot of credit. Is the PM's office reading
this??? HINT HINT - about time for a commmendation for this fellow!!

Just my 2sense - BK