My wife remembers Hurricane Janet hitting Corozal in 1955. The stench of
the "rotting" mud left everywhere after the hurricane passed was
and they thought it only could be due to rotting bodies. It smelled just
like dead and rotting meat -- a decomposing corpse.

But no, it was simply decaying mud.

I believe that people are experiencing this same sensation at this time
San Pedro.

Hurricane Keith pushes a lot of lagoon bottom mud up onto land. This mud
very rich in microscopic life forms. The decaying of these life forms
as they should -- dead meat rotting.

It is reasonable to assume that the people in and around this area at
present believe this "stench" is due to human corpses. Though it is
possible that corpses of animals and humans may be buried and decaying
we have no missing people reports to substantiate this.

Therefore I feel it is reasonable to assume there is not corpses rotting
this mud -- simply microscopic animals -- as always occurs under these

Peter Singfield