Ian Anderson's Caves Branch is sending two of their people ..
Walter Santos, a master guide and Lynwen on a medical expedition to escort a national geographic / nato expedition to K2

Below is the information, this is very exciting, and if you can help out that would be rad....



April 15, 2005

Press Release



10 years ago, a small group of Belizeans, sponsored by Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, started their initial training program to create Belize’s first National Rescue Team. In the past 10 years, this small effort has now grown into the fully established "Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team". Over the past 10 years since its conception, this organization has provided expertise, medical and relief work, in both Hurricane Keith and Hurricane Iris. In addition, the team has been called upon on numerous times in search and rescue operations to located lost and injured groups in the jungle, set up a medical triage unit at the Belmopan hospital during the public demonstrations in Belmopan and has provided medical and rescue management and operations for the last three Ruta Maya races.

In providing ongoing training over the years, over 75 Belizeans have participated in these training programs.

Each year, over 80 medical and rescue professionals and laypersons alike, from all over the globe, attend these Belize training programs.

The training arm of the Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team is the "The Belize Institute of Wilderness and Tropical Medicine, Search and Rescue". In addition to training in Belize, directors and Belizean adjunct instructors travel to countries outside of Belize to teach these medical and rescue programs.

These Belizean organizations have become recognized more outside the borders of Belize than within.

Approximately 6 months ago, the medical and rescue directors of the “Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team” were asked to provide a medical team to support a joint National Geographic / NASA scientific expedition to K2, the second highest and most dangerous mountain in the world!

In addition to the task of providing medical support for 5 weeks to the National Geographic / NASA science team, the medical team will also spend another 5 weeks conducting medical missions at small villages located on the route to K2.

This expedition will be conducted from June 01 – August 24th, 2005. This team will provide medical support for the science research expedition, conduct a comprehensive survey of the health and sanitation needs of remote villages in the area of the mountain (very similar to remote villages in Belize), and provide a base camp medical clinic for those attempting to climb K-2. After flying to Pakistan it takes approximately 15 days to walk to the base camp area. The base camp altitude is 17,500 feet and temperatures during the summer can drop as low as 15-20 °F.

From over 150 applications, from all over the globe, to participate on this medical team expedition, only 15 persons were selected to make up the medical team to travel to K2.

Two of these selected are members of the “Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team”.

Tremendous Honor and Recognition have been given to the selection of Mr. Walter Santos of Belmopan, Belize, and to Ms. Lynwen Griffiths of Caves Branch, Belize.

Mr. Santos was chosen due to his years of proven service to Belize in his capacity as an Emergency Medical Technician and Technical Rescue Specialist with the Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team. His leadership and skills have directly contributed to the success of the Team’s response to hurricanes Keith & Iris, as well as many local and regional rescues. Mr. Santos will be a significant asset to the expedition.

This is the first time a Belizean has been selected for a world-class international expedition of this importance as well as the first time a Belizean has traveled in the K-2 region. This is entirely comparable to a Belizean being selected to participate on an Olympic team or the most elite of military units. It is an honor well earned.

Ms. Lynwen Griffiths has resided in Belize for the past 4 years, also a member of the Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team and has provided invaluable service to Belize during Hurricane Iris as well as on numerous local and regional rescues. Ms. Griffiths will not only be in invaluable part of the medical team, but will also, due to her experience as a camera person with BBC, be the videographer and photographer for the expedition.

Upon returning to Belize, Ms. Griffiths will provide a video presentation on this expedition involving Mr. Santos as the primary presenter.

Mr. Santos will return to Belize after the expedition and use his new experiences both in his medical and rescue duties as well as speaking to youth and community groups and schools throughout the country about his adventures utilizing this video presentation as a audio and visual took for these presentations.

He will serve as a role model for Belize and Belizeans, inspiring them with who they are, what they can become through education, hard work, and the will to succeed!

In order to accomplish this service opportunity of a lifetime, Mr. Santos and Ms. Griffiths will need to purchase personal equipment and supplies for their use. This will require approximately US$8000.-10,000. Their airfare has already been donated by Mr. Ian Anderson & Caves Branch Jungle Lodge - US$5000.00!

Now these team members need additional assistance with donations to help them purchase the equipment needed to complete this once in a lifetime experience that will bring recognition to Belize and incentive for our youth to strive to be all they can be.

Please, help Belize by helping our Belize members of this team with their fundraising. Everything you donate will be of great help.

We will be taking a Belize flag with us to K-2 which will seen in much of the video footage and photographs on the mountain. All who donate will receive a digital color photograph of Mr. Santos at the 17,500’ Base Camp with the flag, signed by him, when they return!

For those of you with a business or organization that you would like to promote will also take a light weight sign from you with us and photograph that at Base Camp as well! What a tremendous opportunity for you to gain a unique advertising photograph for your business or organization in supporting this opportunity to take Belize to the TOP !

Please donate now to show Belize & the world what the people of Belize are capable of!

If you have any questions of this expedition or how your corporate sponsorship can be promoted with this expedition, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Ian Anderson,
501 822 2800
[email protected]
Director, Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team
Director, Belize Institute of Wilderness and Tropical Medicine, Search and Rescue.


Dr. Keith Brown
[email protected]
Medical Director, Belize National Disaster and Rescue Response Team
Medical Director, Belize Institute of Wilderness and Tropical Medicine, Search and Rescue.
Board Certified, ABFP
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Fellow, Royal Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (UK)
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
Medical Director, Alegent Health Travel Medicine Service, Norfolk
Medical Director, UNO/National Geographic K-2 Expedition 2005
Medical Director, Global Medical Rescue Services, Ltd
State of Nebraska Trauma Board Physician

We thank you in advance for your financial support.