Early this morning I heard from Steve at Tropic, he says its absolutly incorrect that there are many people dead on the backside. These are simply rumors.
the electrical supply is being worked on by a large number of people. Ther IS NO MARTIAL LAW. Only a curfew to protect people from walking on nails and glass in the dark.


Steve has manned the only radio on the island the entire crisis. He personally transmitted all the NEMO emergency radio traffic.
He has been in operations central for the island the entire time. There is no martial law. There are no 30 dead on the backside. There are 2 people missing, unaccounted for, presumed lost at sea on a catamaran.

There was serious destruction, but the cleanup is going well. Tropic and Maya Island are running full schedules. Boats are operating, huge carge boats are shuttling from the mainland.

Electrical supply being worked on by a large number of people.

Several hotels are open, but are mostly housing emergency workers for the utilities. These include Sunbreeze, Mayan Princess, San Pedro Holiday Hotel, Rubys, Banana Beach San Pedrano.

Ramons, Victoria House and Capt Morgans open by Thanksgiving, Journeys End by Christmas.