Utility companies continue to work diligently to restore the basic
necessities in San Pedro and Caye Caulker. BEL suffered $9.6 million in
damages in San Pedro and $3.2 million in Caye Caulker, BEL's corporate
communications manager Neville Samuels reported. Electrical power was
restored in part of Feeder 1, the least damaged of San Pedro Town's four
feeders last Wednesday.

Samuels predicts that feeders 1, 2, and 4 should be fully repaired by
November depending on the availability of materials. Cleanup activities
the west side of San Pedro may delay the restoration of part of Feeder 4
until mid November. Feeder 3 was totally destroyed by the hurricane,
should be repaired completely by mid December. The submarine cable
Maskall to San Pedro has been tested and it is operational, according to

In Caye Caulker, all of the distribution lines were damaged by salt
and rain after the roof of the generating plant was blown off. As a
BEL sent two emergency generators to Caye Caulker last week to help with
basic functions. BEL also provided food to residents of Caye Caulker,
distributing 900 plates of food in an hour and a half last weekend.

Currently, the island residents do not have electrical power other than
those who have their own generators. Samuels assures customers that
electrical power should be reasonably restored within two weeks in Caye
Caulker, because the island is smaller than San Pedro.

As for communications, San Pedro's telephone system is already fully
functional, and Caye Caulker residents are currently relying on
phones to contact relatives and friends. BTL cannot project how soon
service may be restored in Caye Caulker. Many of BTL staff will travel
the islands this weekend to provide victims with relief items such as
and clothing.

Water supply was restored almost completely this week Monday. WASA
Relations officer Harry Bennett said that 99% of areas with housing have
normal water supply, and people in other affected areas such as San
have access to water via public stand pipes. Preliminary estimates
indicate WASA losses to be approximately $700,000, Bennett said, "I'd
to commend WASA workers for their efforts in restoring the water supply
despite adverse conditions and the Belizean public for being patient
us," he concluded.