Update on utilities on Ambergris Caye:
BEL has got electricity all the way south to Coconuts Hotel. Hopefully in the next two days we'll have power down to Royal Palm Villas. Many thanks to the BEL team and our new friends the Canadian electrical team(mainly from Newfoundland) for the incredible work they have put in to restoring electricity. Must also mention our friends from Mexico....their experts have been helping too, with vehicles and tech expertise. There is still much to do, but it won't be long before the island south of the river is 100% powered up.

T.V.....Coral Cablevision has been connecting T.V. around town....if they can connect you, just pay November's bill and they will hook you up! October's bill is waived.

Phones....BTL and the Trinidad and Tobago Telephone people have been working very hard to get the lines operational again, and they have succeeded in restoring phone communications to much of the island and most of the commercial center of town. When you look at the spaghetti mess of lines they've had to work with, it's an incredible achievement.

Water: restored to 95% of the city water limits. Water goes off around 10:00pm and comes on again at about 6:15am.

Curfew: still in effect, 10:30pm - 5:00am, stay off the streets!

Weather, much better now!