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On Saturday, residents of "La Isla Bonita," started the grand September celebrations with a bang as Belizean Entertainment rocked the crowd at Barefoot Iguana. Not one person remained seated after the four member band began rocking the house. Throughout the night, Reggaeton dance competitions were held and the audience got their fix of dynamic live performances.

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Belizean Entertainment is a four member group of young Belizean artists, who perform, record and release urban music in Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret. And, as a very well kept secret, Belizean Entertainment is back with a vengeance promoting their second musical production entitled La Fundación de Reggaeton mix tape.

Belizean Entertainment had the opportunity to be the opening act for the Kumbia Kings at this year's Costa Maya Festivities - a performance that those who attended can surely remember. Their high powered and electric music entertained both national and international audiences who enjoyed every minute that the group was on stage.

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This time around, The San Pedro Sun had an opportunity to interview this vibrant group to find out a little more about our Belizean Entertainment. The San Pedro Sun spoke with Producer and Artist, Amilcar "Belizeño" Vasquez.

SP Sun: Why the name Belizean Entertainment?
BE: We choose the name Belizean Entertainment because that is exactly what we want to be, a sort of standard for Entertainment in the Urban scene here in Belize. We want to set a foundation for rappers and singers in Belize so that they can have opportunities we never had. Also, we want to show that being "Belizean" is very unique and versatile in a sense, that we are multi-cultured…and that's what you have to be to become a "Belizean entertainer."
SP Sun: Who are the members of the group/where is everyone from/ages?
BE: At the moment BE consists of 5 members, Filbert "Flaco" Leslie, 24; Ruben "Benge-T" Echeverria, 23; Amilcar "Belizeño" Vasquez, 20; Conchita "Cita" Moreno, 19 and Israel Vasquez, Business Manager, 23. Also, Illiana Moreno, Cita's older sister, works with us on projects, but because she is part of a band "Jade" from Cayo, she isn't a BE artist fulltime.

SP Sun: Where are you based out of? Cayo, Belize?
BE: Belizean Entertainment is straight outta the West: Cayo - We are from Benque, San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

SP Sun: Belizean Entertainment specializes on what kind of music?
BE: We specialize in what you would call "urban music." This is dancehall, hip-hop, rap, reggaeton, reggae, and some latin and R&B influences here and there.

SP Sun: How different is your second production from the first?
BE: Our first release as a group, "Hot Again Riddim," was more of an English album. It was mostly dancehall based and included a wider variety of artists. Our second release is a Spanish Reggaeton album, with a more centralized, and specialized selection of artists. As I mentioned, we want to showcase our versatility as BELIZEANS, so we would like to maintain this momentum, so our next production will be a dancehall album.

SP Sun: Why change the music genres?
BE: Well, I don't really see our second release as a change of genre; it's more like an inclusion of another one. Some of us started as dancehall based, and we won't ever forget that. In fact, I personally, as an artist, I'm known as a hip-hop artist back home, because well, that's what I am. This was in the 'underground' scene however, so few people outside my hometown know me as that and would think I'm a reggaeton artist. So it's really a whole menu of similar genres, rather than a switch, only because we try to maintain a certain flavor in a release.

SP Sun: How different are the San Pedro fans from the fans in the rest of the country?
BE: Well, I have to say San Pedro fans have proved to be a very receptive bunch, and we thank unno fu that, nuff respect. I guess I gotta compare them somewhat to the Orange Walk fans, who are our biggest outside our hometown of course. Quite observative, loving and certainly supporting of BE. So San Pedro, BE just found another part of the country we can say we feel as if we at home. Nuff thanks!

SP Sun: When will island residents get to enjoy your music again?
BE: Well, we don't wanna bore u guys! (laughs) Naw, just kidding! Very soon, we hope, certainly before the year is over. We are booked during these celebration days … but we really want to come back soon.

SP Sun: What is the next step for Belizean Entertainment?
BE: Well, first of all, we have an English dancehall release scheduled for the end of the year, then following that, a more subtle, Spanish dancehall and reggae album entitled "Facil Soñar" for the first quarter of 2006. We do everything original, so it takes work, but, it's all for the people and the love of music.

SP Sun: Your compact disc has been officially launched, where can people purchase your CD?
BE: In San Pedro, our disc can be bought at C's Phones and CD's.

SP Sun: Any final comments?
BE: Belizean Entertainment's former producer died in February of this year (2005) in a car accident. Jose Nadir Leal, aka Leal-J was also part of Belizean Entertainment as an artist and BE takes the opportunity to thank him for all what he has done for us, it is priceless. Leal-J, Belizean Entertainment loves you and knows you are well where you are, may you rest in peace. Belizean Entertainment will shock you with their explosive energy and beats and will surely keep you wanting more. Be sure to see them performing live on October 1st, 2005 in Benque Viejo del Carmen at the Okis Nite Club. Belizean Entertainment the best in Belizean music!!!

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