link below is a PDF about Milpa in the yucatan -- here is the leading


Yucatan reflects in a nutshell world tendencies of concentrating capital,
diminishing rural and farm-based populations, a rapidly deteriorating
natural environment and the rising incapacity of small farmers to make a
living from traditional agriculture. It exemplifies the irony of
simultaneously rising world food production with increasing levels of
malnutrition and destruction of the environment.

It is argued here that global capital, with its insatiable desire for
profit and control and its need for, and creation of, inequality, is at the
roots of
these tendencies.

This paper describes how Maya slash and burn agriculture in Yucatan
(known as milpa) has, through a history of social injustice, become one of
global capitalīs victims. In spite of having contributed importantly to
world germplasm, of being adapted to harsh local conditions, and
potentially favorable for long term conservation of natural resources,
milpa presently stands poised between survival and extinction, threatening
to take with it much biodiversity.

My note:

Belizeans have been taught (or rather "programmed"!!) to believe Milpa is
"EVIL" -- by two groups of people here.

The Greens (Green Peace) and the modern green revolution farmers (American
style mechanized agriculture)

Here is side two of this specific coin -- you decide which side you want
this flip to land on -- eh??

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