Anyone looking for something entertaining this long holiday weekend may want
to venture over to La Isla Bonita, or to La Isla Carinosa with a stopover on
Sunday to La Isla Bonita for the annual Belikin Spectacular Fishing
Tournament. If you are on La Isla Carinosa over the weekend, or La Isla
Bonita on Sunday, see you there!

Here is an article by a journalist describing last year's tournament. The
site also has some pictures.

13th Annual Belikin Spectacular Blue Water Fishing Tournament on Tap in

As we at Central American Angler pack our bags--at least mentally-for
the upcoming 13th annual Belikin Spectacular Blue Water Fishing Tournament,
we feel it incumbent upon ourselves--as purported standard-bearers of
Central American sportfishing news and information, to present our
readership with a primer of sorts for new tourney contestants, perhaps an
object of casual derision from all the old hands. Only problem is neither
of us has ever been to Belize, much less fished Belikin. Nevertheless, it
is our duty to share, if not our first-hand knowledge, at least our wonder
and excitement at the upcoming event. With our Big Chief notepads, stubby
pencils, and digital cameras in tow, we hope to satisfy even the most jaded
consumer of sportfishing news with our take on the deep skinny of this
year's upcoming Belizean tourney.