I spoke to my sister in law in San Ignacio about 2 pm EST today. She told us
that it rained all night last night but at 2pm EST the rain had stopped
although the skies were threatening. Her husband was scheduled to meet in
one of the villages for his job (not sure which one, but it was not a Cayo
District village) but had to turn back as a bridge was already flooded. The
country was in Phase 2 (sorry, don't know what that means either). Emergency
shelters were opened in Orange Walk, Corozal and Belize districts this
morning. Government nurses and other government employees were being
mobilized and all government vehicles had been ordered gassed up and waiting.
The U.S. Embassy was advising American citizens to move inland and seek safe
shelter whenever possible. As she was making preparations for
the storm we did not keep her on the phone long.

The Cruz's
Cindy and Domingo