Hello all,

As some of you know and many of you do not, we spent the summer in Pakistan doing medical needs evaluation planning, disaster response planning, and direct medical care in the areas affected by this devastating earthquake.

Our contacts in the government have requested our assistance in meeting the needs of the response. At this time we will not be responding directly to Pakistan but will be assisting with coordinating relief efforts here.

There is currently a crying need for money to purchase these items for immediate use in the first phase response:
- Tarps
- Hand tools
- Basic medications and aid supplies

All of these are available in Pakistan and the surrounding area, money is simply needed for their purchase.

I know we are all strapped in our giving efforts after so many disasters in the last year. But anything, even a few dollars, will help. ALL - 100% - of any donation you make will be sent directly to our colleagues in Pakistan, eliminating the possibility of waste or diversion.

You can donate via PayPal at www.paypal.com using my account [email protected] or you can send a check to me at:
Dr. Keith Brown
2505 Crown Road
Norfolk, NE 68701

Please label either as "Pakistan Relief"

Thanks for your time,


Dr. Marshall Keith Brown
Board Certified, ABFP
CAQ, Travel & Tropical Medicine, RCPS (UK)
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Fellow, Royal Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (UK)
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
Medical Director, UNMC/National Geographic K-2 Expedition 2005
Medical Director, Wilderness Medicine Adventure Challenge 2005
Medical Director, Global Medical Rescue Services, Ltd.
Medical Director, State of Nebraska EMS Medical Direction Program
Medical Director, Belize Institute For Tropical & Wilderness Medicine
Medical Director, Belize Disaster & Rescue Response Team
State of Nebraska Trauma Board Physician