Marty: I spoke to Nellie 2 hours ago. She told me that:

1. No tourists are being flown in to Ambergris Caye. They are being
diverted at Belize International and either sent home to the US or else
offered the option of going to the mainland to continue their vacations. I
assume the same for Caye Caulker.

2. Tourists already on AC are being strongly encouraged (though not yet
ordered) to leave.

3. Many locals are leaving. Flights are flying people out as quick as they

4. Everyone is boarding up. Hurricane prep is well organized and
proceeding with great dispatch.

I checked with American Airlines and they are still landing in Belize today.
They told me that to the best of their knowledge, TACA and Continental are
still flying in, and the Belize International airport phone receptionist
told me the same thing. Not sure if tomorrow's flights are being cancelled

Susan Guberman-Garcia