Catamaran “Belize Glory” stuck on the reef

A catamaran with 135 tourists aboard ran aground on the Barrier Reef last Tuesday morning as it tried to make its way over unfamiliar territory to an island resort.

The catamaran, “Belize Glory,” has been working for investor, Peter Norquoy of Belize Paradise Resorts Limited, reports say.

Passengers had to disembark, using kayaks and rubber dinghies. Later the boat was hauled over the reef into deeper water.

The Belize Tourism Board has been strangely quiet about this incident, leaving others involved with tourism to say it’s because Norquoy is a favourite with the Belize Government.

These same sources say the Catamaran ran aground on the reef because it was trying to avoid taking its passengers to Sergeant’s Caye, where there is an environmental tax of U.S. $5 per person.

There is no record of what damage was done to the reef structure, neither did the media get an explanation.